Couple Arrested, Again

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 12:52 p.m.

A Spokane couple was arrested for drug charges after they were observed using needles while at the pumps of a local gas station.  In January of this year the same couple was arrested for breaking into a home (and other crimes) after they moved into the house and began renting out rooms for cash.  They actually repaired the damage they did to the home, completed some upgrades and forged paperwork to show ownership.

On April 3rd at approximately 3:00 PM a complainant called from a gas station in the 400 block of South Thor Street in Spokane to report that there was a man and woman sitting in a vehicle at that location “shooting” up drugs and leaving trash and needles on the ground.

When a Spokane Police officer arrived he saw the suspect vehicle at a gas pump with no fuel hose connected to the car.  The Officer pulled in behind the vehicle, activated his emergency lights and walked up to the car.   The occupants were so distracted with a syringe the female was injecting into her arm they did not see the police car or the officer. 

Officers detained the suspects and developed probable cause to arrest Jamie Esposito (24) for physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs. They also arrested Braiden Connor (28) for possession of a controlled substance.  Officers located heroin and prescription drugs in the car and numerous syringes strewn about the vehicle.  

See SPD #2020-20056269

The same couple was arrested in January after a bogus room renting scenario was uncovered.

On January 2, 2020 around 4:00 PM Spokane Police responded to a call regarding suspicious circumstances near the 5100 block of N. Elm Street.

Upon arrival, SPD contacted Braiden Connor (27) outside of the residence who said he was renting the house for around $1200 a month, and had a rental agreement. He also mentioned he had keys to the house that were inside with his girlfriend, Jamie Esposito.

While Braiden was attempting to get Jamie to open the door to the residence, SPD discovered she had an active DOC warrant for her arrest. When Jamie finally came out of the house with a rental agreement and keys to the home, officers asked who she was and she provided a false name. Jamie was placed under arrest for her warrant.

Two additional people were inside the residence.  They informed SPD that Braiden told them they could live at the location for $300 and they had no idea that Braiden did not actually have permission to be in the home. After Braiden was arrested, they were instructed to collect their items and leave.

SPD contacted the owners of the home who informed them the house was supposed to be vacant. They stated they had never rented the residence out to anyone. Nobody had permission to be in the residence. The homeowners had never met Braiden, and said they most certainly did not complete a rental agreement with him. It was also discovered that someone had changed the name on the Avista account at the location last December. The owners gave police permission to search the home.

SPD found the back door to the residence appeared to have been pried open and glued back together/freshly painted. A search of the home revealed a paint tray and paintbrush in the kitchen as well as a paint bucket and rollers in a bedroom.

SPD determined there was probable cause to charge Braiden with 2nd degree Burglary.

SPD# 2020-2000988

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