Stolen Mail and Yard Art

Ofc. Craig Hamilton

Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 1:59 p.m.

The Grinch and his girlfriend strike again!

Last Christmas Duane A. Yarnell (52) and Megan L Tureman (32) drove around the Spokane Area stealing packages off porches and were later caught with the stolen packages wrapped under their Christmas Tree.

The two strike again, this time stealing mail from mail boxes and yard art.  Megan and Duane have targeted Northwest Spokane stealing numerous pieces of yard art, to include a kneeling soldier on a cross statue, stolen from a wounded soldiers front porch.  They are selling the stolen items on a variety of websites.  The soldier statue was recovered by the Spokane Police Anti-Crime Team and returned to its rightful owners, however there are several more items with unclaimed owners.

Megan and Duane are also stealing mail from mail boxes to include checks and attempting to cash them.  They are targeting the Spokane area as well as the Chewelah area, for the mail theft.

Megan and Duane are being charged with Trafficking in Stolen Property as well as several other charges.

A reminder to the public.  Please try to collect packages from your front porches and your mail from mail boxes in a timely manner, refraining from extended unattended deliveries, as this is an attractant to criminals and their criminal activity.

The Spokane Police Department would like you to visit our Spokane Police Facebook page to view a full list of the photographed items. If you recognize any of the items as yours, please contact Ofc. Kennedy at  Please only contact if you recognize an item in the photographs, all the items recovered are in the pictures.

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