SPD Protest Arrests

SPD arrest two people during today’s protest in Downtown Spokane

Julie Humphreys, Public Safety Communication Manager, 509.622.5868

Monday, September 28, 2020 at 1:19 p.m.

Update 9/28/2020:

Here is some additional information on the arrest of the juvenile at Saturday’s protest. The juvenile was arrested related to his behavior during the arrest of the adult male. As the arrest of the adult was wrapping up, an SPD officer who was assisting with the arrest by managing the crowd, headed back to his vehicle. There were still 15-20 people in the area of the arrest and the patrol vehicle. As the patrol car began to move forward, officers saw a male running towards the passenger side of the vehicle who appeared to have something in his right hand. He had his arm cocked back as if setting up to throw something either at the windshield of the patrol vehicle or at the passenger side of the window. The officer reports the juvenile had "wound up like an outfielder trying to throw a baseball to home plate". The officer could not tell what was in the juvenile's hand and was extremely concerned for his safety and that of the other officers in his vehicle. The officer ducked when the item was thrown. The item turned out to be a piece of paper, officers believe with something stuffed inside in order to maintain velocity when thrown. Based on recent attacks of officers around the country, the officer believed the item to be a rock, bottle, or worse. The juvenile’s behavior of sprinting toward the police car holding something in his hand to throw at officers, coupled with actually throwing the item at law enforcement, resulted in the charge of disorderly conduct.

Original Release 9/26/2020:

Approximately 100-150 people gathered at Riverfront Park’s Red Wagon at 2pm Saturday for a protest organized by Occupy Spokane as a call for justice for Breonna Taylor. A few speakers addressed the group before the group began to march northbound on Monroe to the Public Safety Building. Throughout the march protestors walked in the streets blocking traffic flow. Traffic units assisted with traffic control to allow everyone to safely march.

During the march a male continually jumped in front of officers on bike patrol. He was obstructing officers and/or attempting to cause the bike officers to wreck. The man was warned numerous times that he was endangering people and to stop. The man again jumped in front of bike officers and was arrested and booked into jail for Obstructing Law Enforcement Officer. The man is identified as Justice Forral,  05/02/92.

As the arrest was taking place, a juvenile male stepped into the roadway and threw something at TAC officers who were following the crowd in their vehicles. The juvenile male was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The protestors continued their march ending at the Red Wagon and the crowd began to disperse. Some 50-60 people stayed as more speakers addressed the crowd from atop the Red Wagon.

These are the first arrests SPD has made in a series of near weekly protests in Spokane since the first protest/turned riot on May 31st , following the death of George Floyd.

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