Two Overdoses Prevented with Narcan

Ofc. Stephen Anderson, PIO

Friday, September 3, 2021 at 3:51 p.m.

SPD officer’s actions attributed to saving lives during two separate medical emergency incidents

On September 2, 2021, at approximately 9:00am, SPD officers assigned to the Homeless Outreach Team responded with Spokane Code Enforcement officers to a report of unlawful camping under the railroad viaduct in the area of N. Madelia Street and E. Main Avenue.

SPD officers came across a male in a tent who was unresponsive and showed limited signs of breathing. Recognizing the imminent need for medical attention, SPD officers removed the male from the tent to assess his medical condition while summoning Spokane Fire medical personnel.

Officers administered one dose of Narcan to the male and continued medical assessment until medical personnel arrived shortly thereafter. Spokane Fire medics took over medical treatment and subsequently administered an additional dose of Narcan to the male.

After a few moments, the subject was resuscitated and walked away after refusing additional medical treatment.

Spokane Fire medical personnel attributed SPD officers’ decisive actions to saving the man’s life.

Body camera video from this incident:


On September 2, 2021 at approximately 3:00pm, SPD Downtown Precinct officers were conducting a bike patrol when they encountered a male passed out on the sidewalk in the area of 200 W. Pacific Avenue.

A bystander told officers the male had consumed “mexi-pills” and potentially overdosed. Officers immediately began medical assessment and determined the male had a weak pulse and displayed apparent agonal breathing.  Spokane Fire medical personnel were requested as the officers continued their initial medical assessment.

Officers administered one dose of Narcan to reverse the effects of the potentially consumed substance. Spokane Fire arrived on scene and assumed medical treatment.

Spokane Fire personnel assessed the male’s medical condition as life threatening and again in this incident attributed SPD officers’ actions to saving his life.

The male was transported to a local hospital where he is expected to survive.

Body camera video from this incident:

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