53rd Avenue and Palouse Highway

Application/Permit Number: Z19-503COMP

Address: 3227 E 53rd Avenue and 5106 S Palouse Hwy

Parcels: 34032.9044, 34032.9093 and 34032.9094

Size: 10.3 acres (approximate)

Location: Immediately east of the terminus of E 53rd Avenue and southwest of the intersection of S Palouse Highway and S Thor Street

Neighborhood: Southgate Neighborhood

Proposed Amendments: Land Use Plan Map Designation and Zoning Designation

Land Use Change: "Residential 4-10" to "Residential 15-30"

Zoning Change: "Residential Single Family (RSF)" to "Residential Multi-Family (RMF)"


Dwight Hume, Land Use Solutions & Entitlement


A proposed amendment to Chapter 3, Map LU-1, Land Use Plan Map and a concurrent amendment to the City of Spokane Official Zoning Map. The properties on 53rd Avenue comprise a private application for a 2019/2020 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment. The property on Palouse Highway was added by the City Council to the application and is thus a city-sponsored application for a 2019/2020 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment.

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