Pacific Avenue Greenway Alignment Study

The Pacific Avenue Greenway, a neighborhood greenway that proposed Spokane’s Bicycle Master Plan, will provide a safe route for cyclists and pedestrians moving between downtown and the University District.


A neighborhood greenway is a type of bicycle facility on a low speed, low volume neighborhood street that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists. For more information on neighborhood greenways, also known as bicycle boulevards, visit the Urban Bikeway Design Guide from the National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Design and construction of the Pacific Avenue Neighborhood Greenway is divided into two phases:

  1. Phase One: Howard St. to Sherman St.
  2. Phase Two: Sherman St. to Perry St.
Pacific Avenue Neighborhood Greenway Map

Phase One: Howard St. to Sherman St.

Phase One of the Pacific Avenue Greenway, which runs along Pacific Avenue between Howard Street and Sherman Street, is already planned and funded. It is designed to include two new traffic signals with audible pedestrian countdown signals at the Division/Pacific and Browne/Pacific intersections, ADA curb ramp retrofits, and curb bump outs at select intersections. This phase of the greenway is anticipated to include the following:

  • Approximately 3,750 feet of bicycle boulevard
  • Way finding signage and markings
  • Approximately 700 feet of buffered bike lanes
  • Approximately 200 feet of green pavement markings
  • Traffic signals at Division/Pacific and Browne/Pacific

Anticipated Street Improvements (Phase 1)

Pacific Avenue Greenway Phase 1

Phase Two: Sherman St to Perry St.

Phase Two, which is the focus of this study, consists of the next section from Sherman Street eastward to the Ben Burr trail, under the Hamilton overpass.

The alignment study will be locally funded by City of Spokane’s WheelShare shared mobility program, in which Lime, the operator of the program, pays the City an annual fee to operate its electric-assist bikes and scooters in Spokane.

Study Area (Phase 2)

Study Area Phase 2

When complete, the Pacific Avenue Greenway will provide improved and safe bicycle and pedestrian connectivity east of Sherman Street, connecting cyclists to the South University District, Sprague Avenue, and the Ben Burr trail.

Project Purpose

The purpose of this study is to evaluate and identify a recommended alignment for Phase Two of the Pacific Avenue Greenway. The recommendation will be based on a geotechnical evaluation, constructability analysis as well as stakeholder and community input and preferences, and will lay the foundation for future construction of the Greenway.

Project Timeline

Pacific Avenue Greenway Project Timeline

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Follow along on this page for project updates and upcoming opportunities to share your input. This project will build on community engagement through ongoing planning efforts and will include events to engage current residents, community members, key stakeholders, and local agencies. Connect with us through the following ways:

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Contact Information

City of Spokane
Department of Planning Services
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99201

Colin Quinn-Hurst

Della Mutungi

Kevin Picanco, PE
Senior Engineer
Integrated Capital Management

Inga Note, P.E. PTOE
Senior Traffic Planning Engineer
Integrated Capital Management

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