Road Rage Incident

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 12:36 p.m.

SPD responds to reports of a road rage incident that involves a gun, a knife, a knocked out tooth, and ends in a DUI arrest.

On August 14th, 2020 around 5:30PM SPD officers were dispatched to assist Washington State Patrol with a road rage incident that occurred on I-90. Radio advised a Trooper had detained a male on scene.

Officers interviewed the victims who had called the police and were told the following:

They were driving on I-90 when a green Hyundai driven by John Lowery (57), began tailgating them, coming as close as six inches from their bumper.  He continued to do this for miles.  They called 911 to report the driver.

Lowery eventually passed them and they got a good look at the driver’s face.  Due to traffic they eventually caught back up to the Lowery, who was still driving recklessly.  Lowery pulled in front of them and slammed hard on the brakes.  He continued to speed up and slow down at random, making the victims have to constantly change speeds to avoid a collision.

They eventually ended up next to Lowery in traffic, rolled down the window, and yelled at him about his reckless driving.  The victims stated that Lowery then pulled out a knife and began yelling at them.  The victims again called 911 to report Lowery.

The victims told SPD they followed as Lowery exited the freeway, fearing police would not be able to locate Lowery if they lost sight of him.  Lowery stopped his vehicle near South Lee St. and 3rd Ave, the victims also stopped.  Lowery then exited his vehicle holding the knife and walked toward the victim’s vehicle.  The driver of the victim vehicle grabbed his handgun and exited the vehicle and told Lowery to drop his knife and that he was under citizen’s arrest.  The victim then was able to knock the knife out of the Lowery’s hand onto the ground and then laid on top of him while waiting for Police to arrive on scene.  The victim then gave his handgun to his passenger to avoid a physical struggle for the firearm. Lowery continued to fight while on the ground and at one point the victim accidentally knocked one of the Lowery’s teeth out with his arm. The victim advised that Lowery had attempted to bite him prior to the tooth coming out.

SPD officers observed the knife on the ground as well as scrapes on the victim’s arm consistent with teeth rubbing on it.  They also discovered a pipe under Lowery’s car consistent with methamphetamine use.

WSP conducted an evaluation for DUI and Lowery was booked into Spokane County Jail for DUI.

After talking to the witnesses and WSP, it was also determined there was probable cause to arrest Lowery for Felony Harassment.

# 2020-20141071

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