Armed Standoff Vehicle Barricade

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 7:12 a.m.

Spokane Police Officers respond to a call of Domestic Violence in the 3700 block of West Bismark and end up in a standoff with an armed man in the parking lot of the Five Mile shopping center, which results in the negotiated surrender of the suspect.

Just a little before 9:00 PM on Friday September 24th SPD patrol officers responded to a call of domestic violence in the 3700 block of West Bismark.  When Officers arrived, the suspect was gone.  The officers spoke with the victim and her mother and quickly developed probable cause for two counts of DV harassment – threats to kill on the suspect, Andrew P Perry (37). 

Officers were advised Perry was involved in a DV a year ago where he was armed and threatened to commit “suicide by cop” if contacted by police.

While they were still on the call, Officers were told the suspect was posting live on social media.  One of the officers viewed the post and realized the suspect was in the Five Mile shopping center parking lot.

SPD patrol units located the suspect sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of the shopping center. As officers pulled in to contact Perry, he for a moment, feigned confusion at why they were contacting him. Within seconds, he put a glass pipe to his mouth and took a long drag off what was later discovered to be methamphetamine and then immediately raised a pistol with his other hand and pressed it to his own head.   Officers blocked in the suspect’s vehicle with patrol cars and began to negotiate with him, trying to get him to peaceably surrender.  Perry refused to comply with multiple requests to surrender and eventually additional SPD resources were called in, to include SPD SWAT, Hostage negotiators and a K9 team. 

The suspect was using methamphetamine, and he was armed.  It was imperative that he not be able to leave the parking lot, and drive out into the community or back to the residence occupied by the victims.  Two armored vehicles were used to completely block in the suspect’s car to prevent him from driving out of the parking lot and to safely get a hostage negotiator closer to the suspect to talk with him.

During the standoff, the suspect was observed continually smoking the glass pipe and holding a pistol to his head.

Around 11:15 PM SPD Hostage negotiators were able to convince Perry to comply, and he peaceably surrendered without incident.  He will face at least two counts of DV harassment – threats to kill.

Before being booked into jail, Perry was transported to the hospital. While being taken to the hospital he became violent trying to get out of the medical restraints he was in, and he threatened to kill the officer with him and attending medical personnel.

A search warrant will be sought on the suspect’s vehicle and more charges may arise from the execution of that search warrant. 

Perry has an extensive criminal history of arrests, and he has felony convictions of Second-degree assault, felony phone harassment, second-degree arson and a misdemeanor conviction for an order violation. 

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