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We Need Your Input on Creating Housing Variety and Choices

Nathan Gwinn, Assistant Planner, Planning & Development Services, 509.625.6893

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 10:56 a.m.

We Need Your Input on Creating Housing Variety and Choices

Updated: 12/10/2018

The City needs to hear from you about options for infill development. Spokane is growing, and Infill is a planning term used to describe the creation of housing variety and choices in already developed areas in order to accommodate such growth. The Plan Commission has been considering several specific standards for the types of development they would like to see.

This information will be used as public comment and will be considered by the Plan Commission and City Council. The next opportunity for consideration will be the Plan Commission hearing being held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Afterwards, the Plan Commission will make a recommendation to City Council.

Now, this is your opportunity! Currently the West Central, Manito/Cannon Hill, Northwest, and Emerson-Garfield neighborhoods have scheduled time to discuss this initiative. Attend your local neighborhood council meeting and hear from the City’s Planning department about Infill, or take a moment to consider the following questions and have your voice be heard at the Wednesday, November 14 hearing.

How do you want to see your community grow? Be part of the conversation.

Should the City allow?

  • Narrower townhouses, if the garage does not face the street?
  • More height for development in multifamily zones if it is for underground parking?
  • Less parking for smaller townhouses with less square feet if they are within ¼ mile of business centers served by transit, or no parking for up to six townhouses in all identified multifamily zones?

To learn more about Infill, visit our Infill website.

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