SPD recovers multitude of stolen vehicles in just over 24-hours

Ofc N. Briggs #1177

Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 5:29 a.m.

SPD recovers multitude of stolen vehicles in just over 24-hours

From the early morning hours on Friday (2/15) to the following Saturday (approximately 27 hour period), SPD Officers located 13 stolen vehicles in various parts of Spokane. Three of the recovered vehicles were found based on the information from alert citizens noticing and reporting that a vehicle appeared out of the ordinary. Ten of the recovered vehicles were found by SPD Officers proactively patrolling; seeking to deter and detect criminal activity. Five of the ten vehicles located by SPD were occupied at the time of contact, resulting in the arrest of six individuals on felony charges.

Coming outside only to discover that your vehicle is missing can be a sickening feeling. We are glad this weekend, with the help of astute community members, we were able to reunite some vehicle owners with their property.

As temperatures continue to hover near of below freezing it can be tempting to let your vehicle warm-up prior to embarking on the morning commute. Please don’t leave your vehicle unattended and running, opportunistic thieves act swiftly. If you notice suspicious activity call crime check promptly at 509-456-2233, the information you provide could help get a vehicle back to the rightful owner.

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