SpokaneScape Application

To be eligible for a SpokaneScape Rebate make sure you meet all three criteria before you apply.

  1. I am a City of Spokane Water Department Customer.
  2. The area I want to convert is easily visible from the street.
  3. I have at least 300 square feet of lawn to replace with drought tolerant plants and mulch.

What is the Application Process

Before you begin your project or remove any turf, you'll need to submit a landscape plan, plant list, and project area photos in the application and receive pre-inspection approval. Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before applying for your rebate.

The SpokaneScape guidebook provides step-by-step instructions to help guide you through your turf removal project. Inside you will find a tried-and-true list of drought tolerant and native plants that thrive in our arid summer climate, as well as landscaping tips and design inspiration.

You can apply for other Water Wise rebates, such as smart irrigation controllers, and spray-to-drip irrigation conversions to maximize your savings. View our full Water Wise rebate menu.

Step 1

To complete your application, you'll need the following items:

  • Landscape design plan with square footage of your project.
  • Plant list.
  • Two photos of proposed project area.
  • City of Spokane Utility Billing account number.
Step 2

Pre-Inspection Appointment:
A pre-inspection is required before beginning any turf removal. A quick pre-inspection allows Water Wise staff to have an on-site meeting regarding your SpokaneScape project.
This touchpoint allows staff to answer any questions regarding your project or the program, offer labor and money saving tips/tricks.

Step 3

SpokaneScape Installation:
Following the pre-inspection approval, your project status is considered in a "Construction Phase". You will have 2 years from project approval in Construction Phase to complete your project. This time frame should allow participants to remove turf, purchase materials and implement their awesome water saving landscape.

Step 4

Schedule a Final Inspection:
Now that the hard work is behind you and your project is 100% complete, contact the Water Wise team at kjmerritt@spokanecity.org to schedule a final inspection. Upon approval you will be issued a rebate through your City of Spokane utility bill.

Contact Information

Kyle Merritt
SpokaneScape Coordinator