Landscape Design Templates

Landscape Design

Deciding which plants and features you want for your landscape can be a difficult and overwhelming process. To help make this process as easy as possible, we have partnered with the Spokane Garden Coach to create a variety of free design templates that are available to use as your landscape plan and plant list. Whether you’re tearing out a corner of your lawn, redesigning your parking strip, or removing all of your turf, we have pre-approved landscape plans ready with all the information you would need to start your SpokaneScape!

We encourage you to personalize the pre-made landscape designs by substituting plants or adding features to make your SpokaneScape unique and stand out! All 5 design templates meet the program requirements and are ready to attach to your application.

  • The Browne Design
  • The Downriver Design
  • The Emerson Design
  • The Manito Design
  • The Perry Design
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Contact Information

Kyle Merritt
SpokaneScape Coordinator