Be a Spokane Lifeguard!

Aquatic Jobs

What could be better than getting paid to spend the days of summer outside at the pool? Spokane Parks and Recreation Aquatics employs over 150 staff each year and operates 6 aquatic facilities throughout the City of Spokane. Lifeguarding is a professionally rewarding experience, and Spokane Aquatics is extremely passionate about the safety of visitors and staff at all City pools. Come discover how you can become one of the best lifeguards around while working at a pool close to your home.

Positions Available Wage Per Hour
Facility Manager $19.00
Asst. Facility Manager $18.00
Head Lifeguard $17.00
Swim Instructor $17.00
Asst. Swim Coach $17.00
Lifeguard $16.50
Aquatic Aide $16.28

Join Our Team with These 4 Simple Steps

Step 1. Apply Now!

Spokane Aquatics hiring process is simple. All applicants need to complete an online application through the City of Spokane website. Applicants must be 15 years of age or older

Step 2. Get Hired!

After submitting an online application, our office will review your application and correspond with you through email to schedule an interview.

Step 3. Get Trained!

Spokane Aquatics takes lifeguard training and certification seriously. Make sure that you certifications are up to date or take one of our classes for first-time lifeguards, returning lifeguards that need recertification, and lifeguards that are interested in becoming an instructor.

Step 4. Get Working!

Just like you should prepare for the physical demands of lifeguarding, you should also study up on the material in your lifeguarding manual to be best prepared for your first day of work. Reviewing this information as often as possible will help you be ready in case of an emergency on the job.

Once you've checked off all the steps above, the only things left to do are stock up on sunscreen and get pumped for another great summer aquatics season!

For more info contact the Spokane Aquatics at, 509.625.6960