We're excited to offer a selection of Recreation programs under phase 2 guidelines! Find youth camps and fun activities for all ages and abilities in our Fall Activity Guide.


The City of Spokane Parks & Recreation's Aquatics Division operates six municipal swimming facilities throughout Spokane. We offer a variety of programs designed for youth and adults including Swim Lesson programs for youth as well as American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instructor and various other programs to help you keep cool, active, and entertained during the hot summer months. See below for program descriptions and to register.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons provide instruction to help swimmers of all ages and abilities develop their swimming and water safety skills. It is designed to give students a positive learning experience. Swim lessons teach aquatic and safety skills in a logical progression. The objective is to teach people to swim and to be safe in, on and around the water.

Tadpole | Parent Child | Previously Parent/Toddler | Ages 6 – 36 months

Tadpole participants become acquainted with the aquatic environment through activities surrounding climbing out of the pool, floating on front and back, and arm and leg movements. Parents gain knowledge to safely orient their child to the water. Child must be accompanied by an adult in the water. More information (PDF 2.9 MB).

Seahorse | Beginner | Previously Pre-school | Ages 3-5

Seahorse participants become familiar with the aquatic environment through playful instruction comprised of basic swimming skills. Students establish confidence and acquire skills such as submerging in water, supported floating, and supported arm and leg movements, which are the building blocks of a successful swimmer. More information (PDF 243 KB).

Penguin | Intermediate Beginner | Previously Level 1 | Ages 5-8

Penguin participants learn basic aquatic skills in a supportive environment. Students gain greater independence and learn skills including blowing bubbles, alternating leg and arm movements in a forward motion, front and back glides, opening eyes underwater, and entering and exiting the water independently. Prerequisite: demonstration of Seahorse skills. More information (PDF 162 KB).

Turtle | Advanced Beginner | Previously Level 2 | Ages 5-9

Turtle participants gain success through instruction of fundamental aquatic skills. Students participate in activities including holding breath underwater, rolling from front to back, treading water, jumping independently into the water, changing direction while swimming front or back crawl. Prerequisite: demonstration of Penguin skills. More information (PDF 213 KB).

Stingray | Intermediate | Previously Level 3 | Ages 6-10

Stingray participants build on their swimming skills through stroke development. Students develop skills in rotary breathing, coordination of arms, legs, and breathing during front and back crawl, and headfirst entry into water. Elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, scissor kick, and breaststroke skills are established. Prerequisite: demonstration of Turtle skills. More information (PDF 207 KB).

Seal | Intermediate Advanced | Previously Level 4 | Ages 7-11

Seal participants build confidence through continued refinement and advancement of aquatic skills. Students strengthen skills such as swimming underwater, open turns and stroke improvement of front and back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Prerequisite: demonstration of Stingray skills. More information (PDF 213 KB).

Barracuda | Advanced | Previously Level 5 | Ages 8-12

Barracuda participants continue to improve stroke coordination through advanced instruction of swimming techniques. Students learn to surface dive, flip turns, and sculling. Further skill progression in front and back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Prerequisite: demonstration of Seal skills. More information (PDF 709 KB).

Dolphin | Aquatic Exploration Camp | Ages 10-15

Dolphin participants continue with stroke refinement and gain advanced experience and knowledge in personal water safety, lifeguard readiness, fundamentals of diving, fitness swimming, and aquatic facility operations. Students will be prepared for more advanced courses such as Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instructor, and Novice Swim Team. Prerequisite: demonstration of Barracuda skills. More information (PDF 2.4 MB).

Private Swim Lessons | All Ages

Need individual attention for swimming lessons? Private lessons are offered at all six aquatic facilities. Lessons are tailored to individual needs, skill level, and schedule. Instruction offered for all skill levels and ages. Fee includes 30 minute individual instruction. Contact Aquatics Office at 509.625.6960 to schedule.

Novice Swim Team

Aquaducks | Novice Swim Team | Ages 6+

The Aquaducks program is designed to introduce youth to the enjoyment of competitive swimming. The focus will be introduction of new stroke techniques while building endurance. All four Olympic strokes, starts, and turns will be introduced and practiced. The Aquaducks program is eight weeks in length, Monday through Thursday, with optional swim meets throughout the summer. Team practices are held at Comstock, Shadle, and Witter Aquatic Centers. Prerequisite: minimum 6 years old, ability to swim crawl stroke 50 yards.

American Red Cross Courses

Lifeguard Training Course | Ages 15+

If you are looking for the perfect summer job, this course is for you. As a certified lifeguard you will be responsible for ensuring people's safety in and around the water. This course will cover CPR- PR, First Aid, and lifeguarding. Textbooks required. Prerequisite: minimum 15 years old; pass all pre-course tests.

Water Safety Instructor | Ages 16+

Learn to teach all ages water safety, survival and swimming skills. This course will train instructors to teach American Red Cross swimming and water safety courses and will cover all topics necessary to become a successful Water Safety Instructor. Textbook required. Prerequisite: minimum 16 years old; pass all pre-course tests.

Water Workout

AquaFit | Ages 14+

Come experience an ongoing aqua class with a mixture of deep and shallow water exercises. You can expect to experience aerobic, balance, muscle toning and core strengthening types of routines on a rotating basis. Come burn some calories in a fun and refreshing environment! Provides a safe and challenging workout for all abilities, from injury rehab to avid swimmers.

Aquatic Facility Operator

The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) program is designed for pool operators and management staff in aquatic facility operation and management. This two day training program is designed to educate individuals on the systematic approach to pool operations including pool chemistry, management, pool safety, and risk reduction.

Parent Tot Open Swim

Ages 0-7 with Adults Ever thought that the regular open swim was at the wrong time for you and your child due to nap times and all of the energetic older kids? We thought so too. Come join us for a calm and exclusive swim time, just for you and your little ones. Cannon, Comstock, Hillyard, & Liberty Aquatic Centers. Free!

Parent Tot Open Swim is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please check back soon.

Doggie Dip

The last splash at City pools is just for the dogs! City of Spokane Parks & Recreation is partnering with SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. to have fun and raise funds for the High Bridge Dog Park with their annual Doggie Dip event, August 25-29.

Dog owners can bring $10 to the pool the day of each event (drop-ins welcome!). Dogs must be well-mannered, healthy, and attended to by an owner who has proof of an up-to date rabies vaccination. Only dogs in the pool during Doggie Dip.

  • Comstock: Sunday, August 25, 3-4:30 p.m.
  • Shadle: Monday, August 26, 5:30-7 p.m.
  • Hillyard: Tuesday, August 27, 5:30-7 p.m.
  • AM Cannon: Wednesday, August 28, 5:30-7 p.m.
  • Liberty: Thursday, August 29, 5:30-7 p.m.