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Splash Pads

Spokane is home to a total of 17 splash pads that provide summer fun for kids in many communities throughout the city. Splash pads are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. A splash pad may close temporarily for maintenance. For updated pool and splash pad closure information, please call the Aquatics Hotline: 509.625.6960.

2020 Splash Pad Hours of Operation

City of Spokane Parks & Recreation has made the difficult decision to begin winterizing pools and splash pads that aren’t allowed to operate beyond extremely limited capacities until at least Phase 3. We collaborated with our regional partners and evaluated various options for operating pools and splash pads this summer, with every hope of safely opening in some form. Under the Governor’s Safe Start Washington Plan, we could not feasibly open swimming pools or splash pads until at least Phase 3, and then only at 10% capacity. As fall nears, we are at the unfortunate point of being unable to staff and prepare our facilities for an opening if Phase 3 were to come soon. The City operates six outdoor aquatic centers (A.M. Cannon, Hillyard, Liberty, Comstock, Witter, and Shadle) and 17 splash pads. Winterizing will begin this week.

New Splash Pads Locations

These new splash pad have interactive features.

  • Audubon Park
    3405 N. Milton Ave. (W. Northwest Blvd. & N. Audubon)
  • Carson Park
    5701 N. Assembly
  • Chief Garry Park
    2515 E. Sinto Ave. (Mission Ave. & Cook St.)
  • Coeur d'Alene Park
    2195 W. 2nd Ave. (W. 4th Ave. & S. Chestnut)
  • Franklin Park
    302 W. Queen Ave. (Queen Ave. & Division St.)
  • Friendship Park
    631 E. Greta (Greta Ave. & Standard St.)
  • Glass Park
    627 E. Heroy Ave. (Heroy Ave. & Cincinnati St.)
  • Grandview Park
    17th Ave. & “D” St.
  • Manito Park
    Upper Manito (E 25th & S Tekoa Ave)
  • Pacific Park
    5211 W. Lowell Ave.
  • Thornton Murphy Park
    3105 E. 27th Ave.
  • Shadle Park
    Longfellow & Elm
  • Underhill Park
    2910 E. Hartson Ave.

Older Splash Pads Locations

The following splash pads were built previously and are operational with water for kids, although the features are not the same as the new splash pads.

  • Mission Park
    1208 E. Mission
  • Nevada Park
    3933 E. Courtland St.
  • Grant Park
    1100 E. 9th Ave. (11th Ave. & Arthur)
  • Sharpley-Harmon Park
    6018 N. Regal St. (Bismark & Market)

Please note: All efforts are made to keep the splash pads open. On occasion the pads are closed due to vandalism or maintenance. Please call 509.625.6960 to report any issues and to check hours and closures.

Aquatic Centers and Splash Pads Map