Design Review Board

Authorized by: Ordinance SMC 4.12.05, .030, .040 on March 27, 1994; and Ordinance C34527 Section 3, Section 04.13.015 Design Review Board effective January 16, 2010.

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Design Review Board is comprised of citizens and practicing professionals who represent community interests including a diversity of design and technical professions. Board members are nominated by the Mayor, appointed by City Council, and serve without compensation. The Board was established to do the following:

  • Improve communication and participation among developers, neighbors, and the City early in the design and siting of new development subject to design review under the Spokane Municipal Code;
  • Ensure that projects subject to design review under the Spokane Municipal Code are consistent with adopted design guidelines and help implement the City's comprehensive plan;
  • Advocate for the aesthetic quality of Spokane's public realm;
  • Encourage design and site planning that responds to context, enhances pedestrian characteristics, considers sustainable design practices, and helps make Spokane a desirable place to live, work, and visit;
  • Provide flexibility in the application of development standards as allowed through development standard departures; and
  • Ensure that public facilities and projects within the City's right-of-way:
    1. Wisely allocate the City's resources,
    2. Serve as models of design quality.

Meeting date, time and location: The Board meets the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Tribal Conference Room, Main Lobby, City Hall

Members Term Expiration Position
Grant Keller 12/31/2021 Real Estate Developer
Anne Hanenburg 12/31/2021 (2nd term expires) Landscape Architect
Kathy Lang 12/31/2022 (2nd term expires) Community Assembly Liaison (Chair)
Chuck Horgan 12/31/2020 Spokane Arts Commission Liaison
Theodore Teske 12/31/2021 (2nd term expires) Citizen at Large
Mark Brower 12/31/2022 Civil Engineer (Vice-Chair)
Chad Schmidt 12/31/2020 Urban Designer
Drew Kleman 12/31/2022 Architect






City Staff

Dean Gunderson
Senior Urban Designer

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