Design Review Board

Authorized by: Ordinance SMC 4.12.05, .030, .040 on March 27, 1994; and Ordinance C34527 Section 3, Section 04.13.015 Design Review Board effective January 16, 2010.

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Design Review Board is comprised of citizens and practicing professionals who represent community interests including a diversity of design and technical professions. Board members are nominated by the Mayor, appointed by City Council, and serve without compensation. The Board was established to do the following:

  • Improve communication and participation among developers, neighbors, and the City early in the design and siting of new development subject to design review under the Spokane Municipal Code;
  • Ensure that projects subject to design review under the Spokane Municipal Code are consistent with adopted design guidelines and help implement the City's comprehensive plan;
  • Advocate for the aesthetic quality of Spokane's public realm;
  • Encourage design and site planning that responds to context, enhances pedestrian characteristics, considers sustainable design practices, and helps make Spokane a desirable place to live, work, and visit;
  • Provide flexibility in the application of development standards as allowed through development standard departures; and
  • Ensure that public facilities and projects within the City's right-of-way:
    1. Wisely allocate the City's resources,
    2. Serve as models of design quality.

Meeting date, time and location: The Board meets the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Tribal Conference Room, Main Lobby, City Hall (during the pandemic the Board will be meeting virtually. Directions to join in these online sessions are published in each meeting agenda).

Members Term Expiration Position
Grant Keller 12/31/2021 Real Estate Developer
Anne Hanenburg 12/31/2021 (2nd term expires) Landscape Architect
Kathy Lang 12/31/2022 (2nd term expires) Community Assembly Liaison (Chair)
Chuck Horgan 12/31/2023 (2nd term expires) Spokane Arts Commission Liaison
Theodore Teske 12/31/2021 (2nd term expires) Citizen at Large
Mark Brower 12/31/2022 Civil Engineer (Vice-Chair)
Chad Schmidt 12/31/2023 Urban Designer
Drew Kleman 12/31/2022 Architect






City Staff

Dean Gunderson
Senior Urban Designer

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