Spokane Housing Authority Board

Authorized by and Date: Authorized by Spokane City Council (RCW 35.82) on May, 26, 1972.

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Spokane Housing Authority (SHA) is a public body, corporate and politic of the State of Washington. Its physical boundaries originally included the City of Spokane and five miles beyond those boundaries. It now serves, through a variety of cooperation agreements, all of the unincorporated Spokane County and the most of the incorporated municipalities within the County. SHA also provides rental assistance in Lincoln, Stevens, Pend Oreille and Whitman Counties and functions as lead agency for a 12-County Eastern Washington housing program for persons with AIDS. While the SHA is not a part of Spokane City government, the Mayor of Spokane appoints its commission members. The state legislature has created housing authorities to ameliorate the shortage of safe and sanitary dwelling accommodations available at costs, which persons of low income can afford. The Authority may buy, build or lease housing by itself or in cooperation with the Federal Government to accomplish its objectives to supply decent, safe and sanitary housing in the community. Housing Authorities also have the capacity to issue tax-exempt bonds.

Meeting date, time and location: The Board meets the Fourth Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m. at the Offices of the SHA, 55 W. Mission, in the large conference room.

Name Committee Occupation Term Start Term End
Keith James
Development Inland Group –
Development Lead
10/2012 10/09/2022
Besse Bailey
Vice Chair
Finance Mountain West Bank –
Commercial Lending
07/2014 05/15/2023
Gretchen Campbell
Policy Medical and Nursing 01/2015 12/31/2019
Larry Johnson
Resident/Client Commissioner
Policy Resident and Community Health Advocate 12/2016 03/15/2021
Scott Kerwein
Development Spokane Public Schools 08/21/2018 08/21/2023
Kai Nevala
Finance CHAS-Health Services Administration 07/10/2017 07/10/2022
Amber Waldref
Policy Government and Community Services 07/23/2018 07/23/2023


55 W. Mission, Suite 104
Spokane, WA 99201


Pamela Tietz
Executive Director

Lori McGowan
Chief Financial Officer

Brian Jennings
Housing Development Director

Diana Klasen
Director of Property Management

Amanda Carpentier
HR Manager

Alex Liberman
Director of Rental Assistance Programs

Kammi Smith
Legal Counsel