Spokane Regional Health District Board

Authorized by and Date: The Spokane Regional Health District's Board of Health is the governing body of the Health District, uniting the cities and county in a cooperative effort to oversee all matters pertaining to public health, according to state law (RCW 70.05).

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Board creates and promotes prudent health policy, ensures compliance with all applicable chapters of state law and invites participation by all persons and organizations interested in public health. The Board adopts local ordinances and resolutions and approves budgets.

Requirements: The 12-member Board of Health includes the three Spokane County Commissioners, three City of Spokane Council members, two City of Spokane Valley Council members, one elected official representing the small cities and three citizen representatives.

Meeting date, time and location: The Board typically meets on the Fourth Thursday of each month at 12:30PM. Meetings are held at the Spokane Regional Health District, 1101 West College Avenue, Spokane, in the Auditorium, on the First Floor.

Members Title Representing
Al French Commissioner Spokane County
Nancy McLaughlin Commissioner Spokane County
Shelly O'Quinn Commissioner Spokane County
Karen Stratton Council Member City of Spokane
Breean Beggs Council Member City of Spokane
Kate Burke Council Member City of Spokane
Chuck Hafner Council Member City of Spokane Valley
Dean Grafos Council Member City of Spokane Valley
Kevin Freeman Mayor City of Millwood
Keith Baldwin Appointed Member Citizen-at-Large
Bob Lutz, MD, MPH Appointed Member Citizen-at-Large
Susan Boysen, EdD, RN Appointed Member Citizen-at-Large


All correspondence for Board of Health members should be directed to:

Executive Secretary to Board of Health
Spokane Regional Health District
1101 W. College Avenue
Room 330
Spokane, WA 99201

Fax: 509.324.1507

For more information visit boh.srhd.org