SPMCrRLJ 3.1 Assignment of Counsel

(d) Assignment of Lawyer.

  • (1)(a) A determination of financial eligibility is valid for one hundred eighty (180) days or disposition, so long as the Defendant's financial circumstances have not materially changed.

(e) Reserved by state rule

  • (i) Withdrawal of Public Defender. Unless a Notice of Appeal has been filed, an attorney appointed at public expense shall be deemed automatically withdrawn from representation of the Defendant on any given case as follows:
    • (A) Sixty (60) days following a final decision entered by the Court on each count associated with the case, with the exception of therapeutic court dockets.
    • (B) One hundred eighty (180) days in warrant status.
    • (C) All automatic withdrawals under the provisions of this rule shall be effective without any requirement that the withdrawing attorney appointed at public expense file a Notice of Intent to Withdraw with the Court.
    • (D) A "final decision" includes the Court's entry of an Order of Dismissal, judgment of "not guilty," judgment of "guilty," finding the defendant not competent to stand trial, an Order Granting Deferred Prosecution, a Stipulated Order of Continuance, or any other similar disposition.

(Adopted Jan. 2, 2009; amended effective Sept. 1, 2011; amended effective Sept. 1, 2017; amended effective Sept. 1, 2021; amended effective Sept 1, 2023)

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Audio Recordings

Most of the hearings held in Spokane Municipal Court are digitally recorded. To access the audio recording for a specific hearing:

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Bench Copies

To serve bench copies to a Judicial Officer please email:
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