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Play With Us!

The City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department (SPRD) invites you to play in our Adult Softball Program with divisions for all skill levels. We continue to re-energize the softball community season after season, by offering improved leagues -- on the region's best fields -- with a fair and affordable registration fee structure.

Spring, Summer, and Fall Seasons


Join us this season for the best softball competition in town and register your team today! SPRD offers a variety of divisions including Men's B, C, & D divisions, Women's open division, Coed C, D, & E division, and Masters 60's. Play double-header games at the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex, 5701 N. Assembly or Franklin Park Softball Complex, 302 W. Queen Ave.

Summer Softball League

Registration closes 06/28/19. $750/team

Activity Number Day of Play Division Name / Level League Dates
# 2545 Monday Men's D 07/09 – 08/27
# 2543 Tuesday Men's B 07/09 – 08/27
# 2533 Tuesday Men's C 07/09 – 08/27
# 2548 Tuesday Masters 50 + 07/09 – 08/27
# 2546 Wednesday Men's D 07/10 – 08/28
# 2547 Wednesday Women's Open 07/10 – 08/28
# 2549 Wednesday Masters 60 + 07/10 – 08/28
# 2550 Thursday Coed C 07/11 – 08/30
# 2551 Thursday Coed D 07/11 – 08/30
# 2552 Thursday Coed E 07/11 – 08/30
# 3377 Friday Coed D 07/12 – 08/31
# 3378 Friday Coed E 07/12 – 08/31
# 2553 Sunday Coed D 07/14 – 08/25
# 2554 Sunday Coed E 07/14 – 08/25

Team Manager equipment pick up from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on June 28, a managers meeting to follow for new teams or past teams with questions and comments from 6:30-7 p.m.

Don't Have a Team?


Sign up as a free agent player, and we will help you to get connected with a team, or form your team. Visit our league management website to fill out a form and sign up.

General League Information

Swinging Softball Bat


  • Pay the corresponding registration fee on this website or call 509.755.2489.
    Registration fees are not refundable once the league schedule is posted online.
  • Enroll your Team Roster at Make sure all players' information is accurate and correct. The Team Captain is responsible for updating the Team Roster whenever a new player is added to the team.
  • Submit a Waiver of Liability with signatures of all players to the League Supervisor before the first game. Team Captain is responsible for updating the Waiver of Liability whenever a new player is added to the team.
  • Team Captain must sign and submit Player Code of Conduct to the League Supervisor before the first game. Captains are expected to inform players about league conduct expectations.


  • Games begin at 6:15 pm. Game time runs for 1 hr 15 min
  • Spring, Summer, & Fall Seasons 7 weeks 12 game guarantee (regular season) + single elimination playoffs
  • SPRD provides scorebooks, a dozen softballs per team ( coed gets six men and six women ), lineup cards
  • Bat testing – please see Special Rules for details

Team Management

  • Team Roster must be updated throughout the season and must reflect the lineup on the field.
  • Team Rosters must have at least five women. No more than six (6) men will be allowed on the field at one time.
  • If five (5) women are not present, the team will play short.
  • A team can play with more than five (5) women on the field if they are short of men players.


Softball Slide Catch

SPRD following divisions in Softball:

  • Men's B: All players in this division have played college or high school softball/baseball. This division is typically for competitive traveling teams.
  • Men's C / Coed C: Competitive. Typically players who played varsity softball/baseball in high school or college or have several years of experience performing recreational softball. Most players can hit home runs, have speed on the bases and out in the field. Errors are limited on defense, usually few overthrows or missed plays, such as a pop fly not being caught. Base runners are very aggressive and persistent on the bases. Players are fundamentally sound on both defense and offense.
  • Men's D / Coed D: Semi-Competitive Division. Our most popular league. Players in this league have some experience playing at the high-school level or have experience playing recreational softball. Have a few players that can hit home runs, have semi-aggressive defense and baserunners, but not all players have a high skill level. Looking to play for the enjoyment of the game.
  • Coed E: Recreational/Beginner Division. Players are still learning the game and have little experience in softball/baseball, but play for the enjoyment of the game. These teams are rarely aggressive on the base paths and usually the best league for those teams that will be playing in their 1st season. This division will use an alternative home-plate.
  • Women's: Only one division with all levels.
  • Masters 50's Senior Softball: Men or women becoming 50 this year, and up.
  • Masters 60's Senior Softball: Men or women becoming 60 this year, and up.


SPRD offers several tournaments every year. Find more information about our tournaments