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Play With Us!

Spring Volleyball League

Ages 18+ | Whether you are a team of seasoned players or new to the game, we have a division for you. We offer Coed 6's with various skill levels from B (competitive), to C (recreational). We also offer Coed, Men’s, and Women's 4's. Games are played at The Podium or at local middle school gymnasiums between the hours of 6:15pm and 9:30pm. Locations, dates and times are subject to change based on facility availability.

  • Early Bird Registration: January 31 – February 13 ($25 Discount)
  • Regular Registration: February 14 – March 20
  • Late Registration (while space allows): March 21 – March 25 ($25 fee)
Activity # Division Location Days Dates Fee
10524 Coed A Podium Mon. 3/28-6/6 $236
10430 Coed Upper B Podium Mon. 3/28-6/6 $236
10431 Coed Lower B Podium Mon. 3/28-6/6 $236
10432 Coed 4's Upper Podium Tues. 3/29-6/7 $175
10439 Coed 4's Lower Podium Tues. 3/29-6/7 $175
10523 Coed C Podium Tues. 3/29-6/7 $236
10442 Women's 4's Upper Podium Wed. 3/30-6/8 $175
10443 Women's 4's Lower Podium Wed. 3/30-6/8 $175
10517 Men's 4's Podium Wed. 3/30-6/8 $175
10373 Coed B Salk Thurs. 3/31-6/9 $236
10403 Coed C Sac. Thurs. 3/31-6/9 $236
10372 Coed C Salk Fri. 4/1-6/10 $236
10540 Coed B Shaw Fri. 4/1-6/10 $236

Open Gym Volleyball

Ages 18+ Come and drop in for a pickup game! Our open gym volleyball sessions offer players a chance to get together and enjoy some fun competition. Open gym sessions are Fridays from 6:15pm to 9:15pm. Skip the lines and prepay for your pass online or pay $5 per visit at the door (must be paid using a debit or credit card). Location: Chase Middle School Gym 4747 E. 37th Ave.

Activity Passes Fee
3773 Single Visit Pass $5
3774 Five visit Pass $25
3775 Season Pass $50

Summer Outdoor Volleyball League

Ages 18+ Games are played 6-8pm. A season-ending tournament follow the regular season. Adult level of play B and C divisions. All games played at the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex, 5701 N. Assembly.

  • Early Bird Registration: April 18 – April 30 ($25 Discount)
  • Regular Registration: May 1 – May 29 - $349
  • Late Registration (while space allows): May30 – June 3 ($25 fee)
Activity Division Days Dates Times
10542 Competitive (B) Division Wed. 6/8-7/27 6-8pm
10541 Recreational (C) Division Wed. 6/8-7/27 6-8pm

Don't Have a Team?

Sign up as a free agent player, and we will help you to get connected with a team, or form your own team. Visit our league management website to fill out a form and sign up.